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HYAA offers youth athletic programs primarily for children in Kindergarten through 8th grade, living in the town of Hanover. Some of our programs also extend to High school aged players as well. Our goal is to impart to the youth of the community, the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty and courage by providing supervised competitive athletic games. To read more about each sport offered through HYAA, please click on the corresponding sports tab above. 

HYAA Winter Travel Basketball Tryouts Announced

HYAA offers a Travel Basketball program for players in grades 4-8. This program runs concurrently with the In Town Basketball program and games will be home or away in neighboring towns. Travel games will be in addition to In Town games and are generally once a weekend occasionally twice. Commitment to your In Town team is essential so Travel players should be prepared to attend multiple games in a weekend. Travel teams will also have practices during the week which will the TBD for each team/grade level.

Players interested in participating on Travel teams must attend tryouts and in some cases cuts will be made. Specific questions about Travel Basketball may be directed to Basketball Commissioner Matt Straut at mattstraut@yahoo.com or Tom Carroll at tom.carroll1@comcast.net.

Players interested in trying out for Travel Basketball MUST be registered and participate in our In-Town HYAA basketball program before they will be allowed to tryout.

Below please find the Travel Basketball Tryout schedule. Please note some tryouts will take place at the University Complex in Hanover.


Thurs     10/13/2016         7th grade girls    6:00 to 7:30    HMS
Thurs     10/13/2016         8th grade girls    7:30 to 9:00     HMS
Mon      10/17/2016         8th grade boys  6:30 to 8:30     HMS
Tues      10/18/2016         5th grade girls    6:30 to 8:30    The U #1
Tues      10/18/2016         6th grade girls    6:30 to 8:30     The U #2
Wed      10/19/2016         6th grade boys  7:30 to 9:00   The U #1
Wed      10/19/2016         7th grade boys  7:30 to 9:00     The U #2
Tues      10/25/2016         4th grade boys  6:30 to 8:30  The U #1
Tues      10/25/2016         5th grade boys  6:30 to 8:30   The U #2
Wed      10/26/2016         4th grade girls    6:30 to 8:30   Cedar


Questions about Travel Basketball tryouts may be directed to Matt Straut at or info@hyaa.net.


by soccer registrations posted 10/13/2016
Sports Parenting in 10 Sentences

Sports Parenting in 10 Sentences

1 word: Hi.  Greet your child when they get in the car with “Hi” before you ask about practice, the score of the game or homework.  

2 words: Have fun.  In all likelihood you’ve heard this statistic: 70% of kids quit sports before they turn 13 for the primary reason that they are not having fun.    Encourage and remind your kids to have fun.

3 words: Tell me more.  Before forming an opinion or dispensing advice, ask for more information from your child.  This will force them to tell more of the story and give you more information as to what is actually happening.  

4 words: Good job. Keep working.  Doc Rivers, head coach of the Los Angeles Clippers and parent of a NBA player suggests these four words.  Rivers notes that as parents we are often tempted to say more and analyze their kids performance, but saying only this might be what’s best for the kid who simply needs support.

5 words: What’s new in your world?  Ask your kids general questions that are not about gymnastics.  Even if the reply is “nothing” it gives you the opportunity to share something about your day.  

6 words: I love to watch you play.  Best six words ever.  

7 words: So what do you think about that?  You know  your opinion, so before you jump to tell your child what it is, ask what his/her opinion is.  You are not only learning more about what your child thinks but are also helping develop critical thinking skills.  

8 words: Is there something I can do to help?  Before you give a solution or an action plan, ask if that is what the child really wants.  Sometimes all the child wants to do is blow off some steam, and we jump directly to “solving” the problem.  

9 words: You are more important to me than your achievements.  You may be thinking that of course this is true.   But remind your child of it.  In the absence of hearing this from you, your children might think that one of the reasons you love them is because of what they do, not because of who they are.  

10 words: No matter what, I’m glad that I am your parent.  To be loved wholly and completely for exactly who we are, flaws and all, is the greatest gift one person can give another.  Please give that gift to your child.  



by posted 10/26/2015
HYAA Registration

HYAA offers the following sports programs:

Fall - Football, Soccer K-8, Cheerleading

Winter - Wrestling, Basketball

Spring - Soccer K-12, Baseball and Softball

Summer - Flag Football



Travel programs are also offered for Basketball, Baseball and Softball. Spring Soccer for grades 3-12 is a Travel Program for all participants.

Cheerleading also offers a Competition Cheer Program.

Soccer skills clinics, coach trainings and other offerings will be announced throughout the year.

Registration periods open in September, November, January and May. Specific information will be provided to our members through email communication about each each registration period.

Our base fee for most programs is $85.00-$100.00. A late fee of $25.00 is added to sports at the end of the registration period and for those being added to a Waitlist.

All registrations must be paid at the time of registration using a credit card or electronic check or they will be deleted. We no longer accept check payments for registrations.

Any questions about our programs or registration may be directed to info@hyaa.net.


posted 03/16/2015
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