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All HYAA Soccer Coaches must be Registered and have a CORI submitted through Massachusetts Youth Soccer.
MYS carries all our liability insurance for coaches and players.
Once a coach is registered and CORI cleared you will receive an indentification Lanyard that you must wear at all games to identify you as a cleared adult volunteer.

The Registration and CORI Submission Process is outlined below:

1. Register and submit a CORI with MA Youth Soccer. MA Youth Soccer carries all of our liability insurance for players and adults so you must be cleared through them.

Click this link to get started:

MYS Affinity Adult/CORI Registration Portal

Important Notes for New Adult/CORI Registrations:


  • You will be required to upload a head shot photo during the Adult Registration process.

  • Please make sure to have a photo available on the system (computer, phone, tablet, pad) you are using to register. 

  • Please use your full legal first and last name (no shortened version) when completing your adult registration.

  • Please double check when choosing your organization(s) for your Adult/CORI Registration. You should be selecting Hanover Youth Athletic Association.

  • If you are having difficulties call the Affinity Sports Helpline at 800.808.7195 for assistance. 


FAQ - Yes you need to submit a CORI with MA Youth Soccer, even if you are CORI'd with HYAA, Hanover Lax, the school system, your work, Hanover Hockey, are a police officer, etc. There are no central databases and all organizations maintain their own CORI listing. Your MA Youth Soccer CORI is good for 3 years. A reminder will be sent when your are going to expire. Keeping your CORI current helps you stay registered with HYAA Soccer and can expedite our preseason prep for coaches.


2. Complete Registration with HYAA (you do not need to complete a CORI application with HYAA at this time, you may already have one on file for one of our other programs which is fine but it will not cover you for Soccer)
Go to www.hyaa.net.
Click REGISTER NOW (upper right side)
select HYAA Coaches Database and follow the prompts to add yourself to this registration. Be sure to include your contact information and date of birth.


Please be sure to read through the Coach Code of Conduct when you register.