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In Town Spring Baseball


HYAA offers baseball programs for five levels/ages, K-8 during the in town spring season. Teams from Hanover play against other Hanover teams in the same program level. Program levels/teams are divided along grade lines and birth dates, thus allowing for flexibility to group children with their peers. 

Program eligibility is based on grade for in town baseball and grade for travel, per Little League requirements and recommendations.



In town baseball is meant for everyone to play in an environment conducive for learning and having fun playing baseball. Travel baseball in the summer is more competitive and meant for more intense training and skill development. We encourage all kids to play and have fun and for parents and coaches to ensure a pleasant and safe environment for ALL kids to learn. Spring baseball is made for kids to have fun with their peers. HYAA encourages coaches to allow for kids to learn and play multiple positions during the season and to play kids equally based on attendance while keeping safety issues in mind. Parents are encouraged to participate in a positive manor and support their youngster while not disparaging other children.


Tee Ball is open to children currently enrolled in Kindergarten for the 2016-17 school year.  At this level, teams play in a supervised, non-competitive environment. A tee is used to hit off and every player gets a turn at bat each inning. Likewise, every team also plays half of each inning in the field. Players are spread along the infield and taught the basic rules of the game. Outs are not counted and players stay on base. The last batter of each inning runs all the way around the bases and then the next team takes their turn at bat. Parents are encouraged to assist in the games. Commitment is 1-2 days/ week with practice prior to the game. Kindergarten age children are required to play at this level until they advance to First grade.

Advanced children are encouraged to contact South Shore baseball, frozen ropes, or baseball plus for supplemental instruction.

  • Opens online from February 1st-February 20th
  • Late registration runs online February 21st-28th
  • $35 late fee applies to all late registrations
  • Registration Fee is $85 per player
  • A waitlist may be open beginning March 1st, however players who register on the waitlist will not be able to participate until week 2 of the season.
  • Go to online registration


HYAA asks for your cooperation in respecting its eligibility rules (birthdates, grade level). Administrators and coaches make an earnest attempt to create balanced teams within each division and to provide equal opportunities to win and lose. We strongly encourage parents to register children early and online at: www.hyaa.net, it helps streamline the process and all of your information will be securely stored and accessed for future registrations. You will also receive HYAA's monthly eblast updates on HYAA events. If you register your child during late registration or after registration closes, you will be subject to a $35 late fee and subject to space availability. Parents are encouraged to participate in a positive manor and support their child while not disparaging other children. HYAA-It's More Fun When You Play!