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Suburban League

(very serious baseball, high pressure) 
Teams will be broken up firmly by age requirements set forth by Little League. Often, teams will be divided between multiple grade groups. Suburban baseball requires a strong commitment from both parents and kids. Practices, games and tournaments are often held 6 days per week. Kids are required to make all practices and games. Teams are allowed to be a maximum of 12 kids; therefore missing games can result in forfeits. This team will be chosen based on the evaluation of play during the season and during a tryout where kids are allocated to either Suburban or South River League teams. Parents are asked not to take vacations during the season and to commit themselves and their children to a dedicated regiment. Kids missing too many games during the year will be disqualified from playing Suburban baseball the following year. Suburban baseball is very competitive. Kids will not play every position and although playing time should be reasonable it is not meant to be equal. In Suburban baseball, coaches play the children based on ability to play a position.



Kids not playing in town spring baseball
are not allowed to participate in 
travel baseball.
No Exceptions will be made!