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HYAA offers baseball programs for five levels/ages, K-8 during the in town spring season. Teams from Hanover play against other Hanover teams in the same program level. Program levels/teams are divided along grade lines and birth dates, thus allowing for flexibility to group children with their peers.





Program eligibility is based on grade for in town baseball and grade for travel, per Little League requirements and recommendations. In town baseball is meant for everyone to play in an environment conducive for learning and having fun playing baseball. Travel baseball in the summer is more competitive and meant for more intense training and skill development. We encourage all kids to play and have fun and for parents and coaches to ensure a pleasant and safe environment for ALL kids to learn. Spring baseball is made for kids to have fun with their peers. HYAA encourages coaches to allow for kids to learn and play multiple positions during the season and to play kids equally based on attendance while keeping safety issues in mind. Parents are encouraged to participate in a positive manor and support their youngster while not disparaging other children.


Gary Zielinski





Brian Fish



Chris Higgins



Click on each division below for more information.
Baseball begins around April vacation. Players are typically contacted prior to April vacation and fields permitting, games and practices start near April vacation. Practices are held at the discretion of the coaches. Coaches assign their own practice schedules and are assigned practice times in mid April. The season for in town baseball extends from mid-late April to mid-late June. Players and parents will be notified which team they are on and given their team schedule by the coach about one week prior to the start of the season.

The 2018 Season will begin the week of April 23rd  pending the opening of fields by the Hanover DPW. Parents should expect to hear from a coach by April 18th.



Tee Ball 

Ryan Dougherty - ryan.m.dougherty@gmail.com

Rookie 1 (1st Grade)

Brendan O'Keefe - bokeefe4@live.com

Rookie 2 (2nd Grade)
Andrew Dunne - adunne@valleycrest.com

Minors (3rd and 4th Grade)

Chris Poznauskis -chris_poznauskis@hyaa.net

Bob Edgar - bobedgarau@gmail.com

Majors (5th and 6th Grade)
Terry Paul - eqdent1@verizon.net

Chris Higgins - chrishiggins33@gmail.com


Babe Ruth (7th – 9th Grade)
Brian Fish - brian.fish@homesite.com

Gary Zielinski - garyzielinskijr@gmail.com


  • Opens for 2019 on February 11th
  • Late registration open February 4th-March 10th
  • $35 late fee applies to all late registrations
  • Registration Fee varies at each level 
  • A waitlist may be open if space is available however players who register on the waitlist will not be able to participate until week 2 of the season.
  • Go to online registration


Hanover In-Town Summer League:

  • This league is a continuation of the in-town spring league and is available to all players in the Minors and Majors divisions (9-12-year olds). 
  • The level of commitment will be far less than Suburban and South River.
  • Teams will typically play 2 games per week, with the goal of playing 8 games during the summer.
  • Coaches may conduct practices - they will be optional and may be combined across multiple teams.
  • Rosters will be larger in order to deal with players that miss games for vacations or other reasons.
  • There will be no tryouts for this league.
  • Total cost will be $85 per player.  We are able to offer this lower price since we will not be incurring league or tournament fees for these teams.
  • The number of teams included in this league will be dependent on the number of players that register and the number of parents that volunteer to coach.
  • This is a great option for players that want to continue to play baseball throughout the summer, but either do not want to try-out for a Suburban or South River team, or do not want the commitment associated with playing on those teams. 
  • Players trying out for Suburban and South River baseball that are not selected for those teams will have the option to register to play in the Hanover In-Town Summer League.
  • The age range for players included on these teams will depend on player registrations. 
HYAA asks for your cooperation in respecting its eligibility rules (birthdates, grade level). Administrators and coaches make an earnest attempt to create balanced teams within each division and to provide equal opportunities to win and lose. We strongly encourage parents to register children online at: www.hyaa.net, it helps streamline the process and all of your information will be securely stored and accessed for future registrations. You will also receive HYAA's monthly eblast updates on HYAA events. If you register your child during late registration or after registration closes, you will be subject to a $35 late fee and subject to space availability. Parents are encouraged to participate in a positive manor and support their child while not disparaging other children. HYAA-It's More Fun When You Play!